Now is the time to create a national 2DA service for your customers using the final mile carriers you already use.

De Risk Parcel Carrier Diversification

No final mile carrier replacement required

Most parcel managers and transportation managers are tasked with a certain percentage or carrier diversity. In some cases, they take it upon themselves to meet aggressive on-time delivery targets for hard-to-reach destinations using eclectic new final mile carriers. With ClearJet, you can “bring-your-own-carrier” so you never need to “turn off” one carrier in favor of another. When you enable the ClearJet Air Cargo Operating System your shipment origin is much closer to the end-consumer's delivery address thus reducing your overall per shipment cost.

Preserve Existing Sortation Operations

No changes to your sort operations

Parcel innovation often involves tradeoffs. Sometimes it’s engineering time for a new product that lacks a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Sometimes it’s a price increase from a carrier you choose to deprioritize in favor of another. In the worst case, it’s a change to your physical sortation operation. When you partner with ClearJet, you don’t have to adjust your physical sortation operation. Your packages are picked up from your existing shipment origin location and ClearJet’s technology + people do all of the grunt work to inject to the final mile carrier sortation facility nearest your end-consumer.

Only Pay For Packages Shipped

No underutilization fees

Surcharges impact business predictability badly. In some cases, you’re charged more for shipping more, and in other cases you’re charged more for shipping less. This is not a shipper-friendly experience. Even the largest brands have down-months and even the largest carriers have seasonality. Charging more is not the answer. ClearJet has eliminated underutilization fees so that your point-to-point shipments are always billed business-as-usual.

Decrease Overall End to End Shipment Journey

Simple per lbs rates for point to point injection

Logistics pricing has been a challenge on both the sell side and the buy side for eternity. The ClearJet team has seen it all throughout the past 20+ years on both sides as airlines executives, startup founders, parcel innovators, and ecommerce experts. Your investment is a simple per pound rate from your fulfillment center(s) to the final mile carrier sortation facilities of your choice.

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