Air infrastructure for faster parcel delivery


We engineered a national air zone-skip infrastructure that drops your packages off with final mile sortation centers closer to customers than you could ever imagine.


Make every package a zone 2 shipment when you connect to Clearjet’s engineered air infrastructure. Localize your orders without the headache.

Air infrastructure for faster parcel delivery

Connect to every shipping carrier.

Localizing every package starts in your fulfillment center. Clearjet’s engineering reads your customer address and then secures the ideal flight path for your package whether it’s on a passenger flight or dedicated air freight.

The future of air freight

Get access to every flight - passenger or freight.

There are a limited number of cargo-only flights per day. When you’re forced to wait, you’re forced to worsen your time-in-transit and ultimately your customer experience. Clearjet offers your packages a package localization flightpath through our sophisticated network of dedicated air freight and passenger flights. That’s how you win the war against capacity.

The future of hyperlocal

We pull you closer to the final mile.

This part isn’t rocket science. When you get closer to the final mile sortation facility faster, you pay less and deliver to your customer faster. Your carriers are able to keep their service-level promise to you more easily when you are able to arrive at their final mile facility earlier. It’s a win win. Like being in two places at once.

Completely connected infrastructure

Bring your own carrier™ Clearjet enables them to perform even better.