Most Asset Lite Logistics Providers Are Getting It Wrong

“I would I could just make my own parcel network”

This is what many parcel and transportation professionals are thinking about.

Are you frustrated by FedEx shipping zones? Are you frustrated by your UPS rate increase?

Well, you don’t have to be.

Shippers including service providers and brands are too soon to jump the gun on outright canceling their own shipping carrier – a must-use utility provider to optimize their ecommerce infrastructure.

There’s a part of the supply chain that is completely capable of fully optimizing (at least) the middle mile of parcel logistics. Who’s that knocking on the door?

It’s airlines.

Airlines and their assets (airplanes) are the critical component that will help the most advanced parcel and transportation professionals simultaneously bring carriers, brands, and consumers closer together. 

Air zone skip programs can help final mile sortation center providers forget the frustration having to do with their version of inbound receiving when shippers leverage airlines to rapidly inject inventory to their facility en masse. 

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What is ClearJet?

ClearJet provides air infrastructure for faster parcel delivery. We engineered the ClearJet zone skip air infrastructure that takes packages from your warehouse and drops them off at final mile sortation centers closer to customers than you could ever imagine. The ClearJet air cargo solution helps carriers bring brands closer to consumers.